Adenco Electrical Construction which celebrated its 21st anniversary on the 1st September 2014 has truly committed to the Government’s call for established business to embrace empowerment and transformation.

Adenco Construction was started by Bes Bezuidenhout and his wife Gail with a Volksie bus and trailer from their garage. Today the company employs over 400 people and has more than 130 specialised vehicles on the road. The Bezuidenhout family ( Bes , Gail and their 3 sons) who all work in the business have truly embraced empowerment not only in terms of selling a sizeable portion of their shares in the business but also handing over control in a planned way while at the same time not abandoning the company they have built .

Coinciding with it’s coming of age , Bes Bezuidenhout the founder and CEO of Adenco has sold 25 % of his family shares to Merdeka Power making Adenco a majority black owned company .

Merdeka Power was founded in 2012 by Kashif Wicomb , a law graduate ,national business leader and seasoned entrepreneur and Niezaam Davids a chartered accountant and mergers and acquisition specialist with the express focus to become involved with and assist with the infrastructure roll out of the State.

Says Bes Bezuidenhout “I am excited with the prospects and future of Adenco. With Kashif and Niezaam on board, the next 21 years and beyond can only be better and brighter. I believe we have the right skills, commitment and can do attitude to move ahead in a meaningful way”.

Says Kashif Wicomb ‘Adenco is one of the most established and respected companies in its sector. Management and the company’s commitment to empowerment and expansion together with its respected track record certainly are the ingredients needed to shoot the lights out and assist South Africa and Africa with its electrical infrastructure expansion’.